Over thirty five little girls, mostly from Bajaur, somehow are transported through hundreds of security check posts, scattered along FATA, KPK, Punjab and Sind, ending up in Karachi and traded like chickens, by what is conveniently being called an unregistered Madressah, and yet the State remains unmoved to its constitutional and moral obligations. Except few in media, others have failed to give it any proper coverage, because in their opinion such new lacks spice necessary for ratings.

In a country where slave trade thrives, rape and child molestation cases have become everyday incidents should have sent shudders in the corridors of power and those who have assumed unto themselves custody of morality. Have we forgotten how unaccompanied minor children were allowed to be sent illegally, as camel riders, to countries in the Gulf by powerful nexus involved in illegal human smuggling, and nothing was done until there was an international condemnation and outcry? Those involved were too powerful and none was prosecuted for this heinous crime.

Where was FIA, Police and others involved in intelligence gathering in a country on high alert, when these girls travelled all the way to Karachi?. Should we thank two Governors involved in arranging their transportation back to Bajaur, or condemn all provincial governments involved, for their failures and Federal Government responsible for FATA? After 18 Amendment, all Provincial Governments are responsible for providing education, not outsourcing it to Madressah. This incident should jolt us out of day dreaming and awaken us to ugly ground realities and depths of moral deprivation we have sunk to.


Lahore, November 30.