The price of food has remained one of the biggest burden on people across the country, over the last few years. On one hand, food price inflation has been high but the mechanism to control it, has not been worked out . The government is trying to control food prices and a monitoring commission is being set up to mange food prices by tackling import and export issues.

We hope that steps that are to be taken by the government and those which have been agreed to after consultation with officials from relevant departments, will have the desired impact to control food prices. Provision of food is essential and is the basic right of every child.

Surveys conducted over the years indicate growing rate of malnutrition in the country, especially in interior Sindh and this is linked to rising cost of food. Furthermore, poor quality of food has also been noted in household of urban areas.

If the government is able to keep food prices under check, it will be a huge service to Pakistan, whereby, large portion of budget in every home is used to buy food items. I hope that there will be some success in keeping down food prices by the government so that food is easily available to all citizens in Pakistan.


Islamabad, November 19.