VEHARI/BAHAWALPUR-The district police officer of Vehari admitted that some station head officers (SHOs) are directly involved drug pushing and facilitating the dealers for their own shares in the contraband and inhuman business.

Addressing the media on narcotics control activities in his office, he said the drug dealers offer huge money to the SHOs on monthly basis and do their work without any fear. “But we underlined the police officers not protecting the new generation for their vested interests and they will be behind the bars soon,” he said.

The DPO said that youth and media should play an effective role in creating a drug-free society. He said that it was very important for all the stakeholders to play a vital role in protecting the youth from drugs. “We are going to organise awareness programme and walks regarding drug damages. I have changed the traditional culture of SHO appointments under political patronage. Honest, dedicated and loyal police officers will be appointed in police stations,” he said.

However, he pledged to utilise all the available resources to control the use of narcotics with early arrest of drug pushers. “We will focus on arresting politicians, black sheep’s of police, middle men, their facilitators involved in the menace,” the Vehari DPO said. “We have started a grand operation against narcotics’ hubs and arrested hundreds of drug peddlers and recovered huge quantity of liquor, wine and narcotic during last one month in district Vehari, h said.

DSP Saddar Imran Rasheed said that police have divided anti-drug operation into two phases, in first phase concern police station will eradicate the narcotics hubs and in second phase they will work with the special teams separate from police stations which identify the drug dealers and dens are not caught by concern SHO intentionally or un intentionally then steps are taken against dens and police officers.

Meanwhile, Regional Police Officer Idrees Ahmad issued directions to all the district police officers of Bahawalpur Division to take strict action against law offenders and public enemies. He asked the DPOs to prepare lists in the respective police stations of professional and wanted criminals and arrest them utilizing all the resources. He also directed recovering the looted things of public from them so that public’s trust in Police Department can restore. By taking strict and effective action against wanted criminals crime rate will also drop and sense of security will develop in public and they can do their daily work confidently.

Talking about the campaign against drug dealers, brothels and gambling dens, RPO said that brothels and gambling dens are very hazardous for the society and these are not only increasing the crimes but also destroying our future generations, their elimination is very important to maintain the peaceful environment.

In this regard DPOs should take actions on emergency basis and put an end to drugs, body trade and gambling dens so that these hideouts of the criminals can be eliminated.