Energy is the most essential need of any nation in the contemporary world. Unfortunately, Makran is interposed by an energy crisis. On a recent visit to Turbat Electric grid, I came to know that the electricity of Makran division is coming from Iran. Makran is only receiving 70 MW, which is too less, as Makran needs at least 130 MW to provide electricity to the whole area.

Turbat alone (area of Makran) needs 50 MW, and if Turbat would receive it then what about the other places such as Gwadar, Pasni, Panjgoor, Buleda and other cities? Due to this, load shedding is being carried out in all areas of Makran, so that each place should have electricity for some hours. Balocistan is producing more than 2,000 MW, but Balocistan is only receiving 400 MW. I would like to request the government to provide more MW to the Makran division, and it should not be brought from Iran, rather, a portion of the electricity Balocistan is producing should be given to Makran.


Turbat, November 3.