There is the conflict between India and Pakistan since 1947, and India sometimes stops the supply of water to Pakistan, if there is any issue between India and Pakistan. To properly control this problem, the project of Kalabagh Dam is a possible solution, which has a lot of issues and the government is not working on this project.  

On the other hand, if we observe, during the rainy season of Pakistan, River Indus is full from rainwater and India also opens the doors of their rivers towards Pakistan. If the government works on Kalabagh Dam, Pakistan can store much more water from the rivers during the rainy season which is always wasted in the form of flood water, and it can also store excess water which is supply by India when there is no need of this water. These stores of water can be used in the time when there is a water crisis in the country, and can also be used in the agricultural sector, when India stops the supply of water in the Pakistan. 


Karachi, November 3.