Islamabad-Patients visiting Federal Government Polyclinic Hospital yesterday complained about shortage of medicine in the medical facility as they are compelled to purchase them from the market.  

Talking to the Nation, a diabetic patient Aslam said that hospital has reduced the amount of medicines being issued to the patients for almost a month.

“If the doctor prescribes 15-day medicine to the patient, the pharmacy is issuing stock only for 5 day stock,” he said.

Another person who was a cardiac patient also confirmed that less stock of medicines are being issued to patients as per the demand which added to miseries of the patients.

“I have to pay multiple visits to the hospital to take the medicine in one month because I didn’t receive the required amount during first visit,” he said.

An official on the condition of anonymity said to The Nation that hospital is facing complaints regarding supply of medicine for the last one month.

He said the hospital is not facing any shortage of the stock but there are some administrative issues in the pharmacy department which are leading to the mismanagement in provision of medicine to patient.

Meanwhile, Spokesman of Polyclinic Dr Imtiaz told The Nation that medicines provision to the patients in critical condition and ward is facing no difficulty; however, there are some issues in supply chain of the medicine for last one month.

“All medicines are not available in the hospital so the hospital reimbursed the money to patient if he purchases it from the market,” he said.  He also stated that according to new policy of the hospital, patients are given less medicine than prescribed by the doctor to cover more number of patients till the issue of supply is resolved.

“Instead of giving a large amount of medicine to one patient, it is being divided in two halves to facilitate them,” he said.

Meanwhile, due to failure of computer system at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) patients had to wait for hours in queues to get receipt from the hospital.

The computer system hanged due to non up-gradation, while number of patients returned without being examined.  Patients on this occasion protested against non-availability of receipt and demanded that administration must arrange alternative to lessen the difficulties of the patients.

However, official from information technology (I&T) informed The Nation that patients faced difficulties due to up-gradation of computer system.

He said the system is being upgraded but it will take time because all tools are not available to the department. The official said the issue will be resolved soon.