Imran Khan is often accused of being stubborn and headstrong but perhaps it is the most effective way to fight ‘badmashi’ (roguery). In the checkered politics of Pakistan, roguery has been accepted as a norm. GHQ founded political outfits like MQM and PML-N rely heavily on it. Over the years almost all civilian institutions have been run over by these rogue political beasts, while the Khakis have looked the other way.

Till 1958 the politics in the country were relatively clean. Rogue elements were contained. Ayub Khan’s Elected Bodies Disqualification Ordinance (EBDO) knocked out the entire political leadership to be replaced by incompetent thugs. Instead of the unanimous 1956 constitution, the General imposed his own version in 1962 which went down with him in 1969 when he was toppled by the students.

Every passing-out cadet at the Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul takes an oath to defend the constitution and so do the judges and elected representatives. On inquiry I came to know that most of my Khaki friends and political players have never been exposed to this sacred document. That is why Musharraf used to say that at times that defending the state takes precedence over the constitution. Little did he realise that there can be no state without a constitution. In the late nineties when the goons of PML-N stormed the Supreme Court the judges sought protection from the Army, they were asked to approach the Ministry of Defence and come through proper channel. The PML-N roguery was very effective. First it was the Chief Justice who was removed them the President and finally the Chief of Army Staff General Jehangir Karamat. When Mian Sahib tried the same roguery on General Musharraf he was captured and taken to Attock Fort as a guest of the khakis.

Another rogue act was committed on October 31, 2016, when Takht-e-Lahore blocked a federal motorway. Two Army helicopters landed on the road to review the situation and report back. It was not the constitutional violation that they were concerned about rather it was to ensure the safe passage of the first CPEC convoy that was heading to Gawadar. I often wonder who has the sacred task of defending the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which was unanimously enacted on August 14, 1973 by a truly elected parliament.

After signing the Charter of Democracy (COD) both PML-N and PPP cover each other’s interests leaving Imran Khan and his party as the only true opposition. In an environment of appeasement and surrender, PTI stands alone against the forces of evil. It is the stubbornness of the Kaptaan that has been able to dent the ‘badmashi’ of PML-N goons. Finally, the Supreme Court has agreed to look into the Panama Gate Scandal. It will be interesting to watch their reaction if the decision goes against them.

It is shaping to be an epic encounter between stubbornness and roguery with all eyes focused on the 2018 elections. If ‘badmashi’ prevails again then the Sharif Dynasty will rule forever. Unless major electoral reforms are carried out the next electoral exercise will be as disputed as the ones before. With PML-N’s stranglehold of the administrative machinery in Punjab and MQM sponsored terror in Karachi, free and fair elections will remain a pipe dream. For a credible ballot only neutral hands should touch the boxes which is only possible if the Khakis conduct the electoral exercise and the returning officers are flown in from other provinces solely for the purposes of conducting the elections and then returned to the safety of their home base.

According to my understanding the Armed Forces have the largest stockpile of ammunition in the country. Only the khakis are capable of eliminating the PML-N led political roguery. I am totally in favour of the constitution and rule of law but it will not happen till the GHQ launched politicos remain in the arena as they are a product of political roguery and have to rely on it for their survival.

Even if the Imran Khan does not make it to the corridors of power his biggest contribution can be free and fair elections. It will be a major political contribution from which the nation will benefit forever. His stubbornness combined with a functional party organisation can be a lethal combination to get rid of the rogues forever.

The new Army Chief has taken over. Zarb-e-Azb will continue till the motherland is cleansed of the scrooge of terrorism. Khakis alone cannot ensure internal security unless backed and supported by the civil administration. National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) remains dormant. There has been no action in South Punjab, even the Rangers have not been deployed anywhere in the province. Takht-e-Lahore continues to call the shots both in Punjab and at the centre. PML-N’s roguery it not being contained by any institution.

Air Marshal Asghar Khan often said that the agencies know more about us than we ourselves. Where are all those corruption dossiers? Why have there been no leaks like the Dawn scandal? LNG kickbacks alone runs into billions, with the letter of the prince and the gas having the same source. No one in authority has the courage to bell the cat, leaving the Kaptaan with his stubbornness as the sole gladiator in the arena. So far he has shown resilience against all odds. In the decades of seventies and eighties the Air Marshal played a similar role but the rogues outlived and outperformed him. Finally he merged his Tehrik-e-Istiqlal with Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insafwhich was a rising and emerging force then. His son Ali Asghar Khan remained an active member of the party before the rogue elements took charge. It is time for the Kaptaan to lead from the front first by cleansing his own Tehrik and then taking on the external roguery that hounds the democratic set up of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.