KAMALIA - A social activist, Ch Sarwar Noor Gujjar, said that dowry has become a menace in society, and it is difficult to get rid of it.

He expressed these views in a seminar on social values at Municipal Committee Hall here the other day. He lamented: "In our society, people are so keen on the matter of honour that they resort to killing mothers, sisters and daughters, but at the same time they are remorseless when it comes to the matters of dowry." He added: "Sometimes, the dowry disputes go on even after years of marriage and ultimately result in a broken marriage or the death of the girl." He stated: "The fact is that Islam prohibits such degrading practices and show-offs. In the light of Islamic teachings, the father of the bride should not have to spend any amount on the occasion of marriage." He pointed out: "To bring a change to these circumstances, the matters of marriage should be resolved beforehand to make both the parties happy and at peace. Also, strict rules should be passed by the government that will lead to a total prevention of dowry and other frivolous spendings."

Hospital lacks doctor

Councillor Municipality Kamalia Rana Shabbir said that a doctor should be posted at City Hospital Kamalia at the earliest. Talking to media, he said: "The absence of the doctor is adding to the patients' problems. THQ Hospital MS Kamalia Sheikh Ameen and the higher administration must take immediate notice of this matter.

City Hospital Kamalia serves a large number of patients so ignoring it is incomprehensible," he stated. He demanded that the provision of the basic health facilities to the people must be made certain.