CM LOS ANGELES - Hailee Steinfeld says ‘Bumblebee’ was one of her best experiences ‘’working on a film’’.

The 21-year-old actress stars as Charlie Watson in the upcoming ‘Transformers’ prequel - which sees John Cena take on the role as villainous Sector 7 agent Burns - and she found it tough to choose a standout moment from the shoot.

Appearing at the ‘Bumblebee’ fan screening she exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ‘’Well, I don’t know if I could pick a favourite part but it was one of my favourite experiences of working on a film. ‘’There was never a dull moment. Obviously this film is packed with so much action and so much emotion, it was a ride. The whole thing was a ride.’’ Steinfeld praised the film for its balance of exciting action scenes while still featuring real ‘’heart and emotion’’.

She said: ‘’I love that it is that perfect balance of this visually stunning, action packed film and so much heart and emotion - [it’s] the anchor of all of it.

‘’I love that when you watch the film you sorta lose yourself in each world when you’re in it. You sorta forget you’re watching a ‘Transformers’ movie when you’re at home with the family, and then you’re in this ‘Transformers’ world and then you’re in this ‘Transformers’ world and you forget that there’s a family.

‘’There’s just so much going on in this film. It’s so wonderful, and I really do feel like there’s something in it for everyone to find relatable to themselves.’’

She was joined at the event Cine world Leicester Square in London by a host of stars, including ‘X Factor’ champion Dalton Harris, former ‘Apprentice’ star Kurran Pooni, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ pro Graziano Di Prima and former contestant Charles Venn.