ISLAMABAD - Reacting to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement, former premier Nawaz Sharif on Thursday said that his party was fully prepared for midterm elections in the country.

PML-N believes in serious politics and is ready for midterm elections in the country, he stated this while talking to media on the premises of NAB Accountability Court. While quoting the FAFEN report, he stated that in 53 constituencies, winning ratio of votes is less than the rejected votes. He said rigging was made in 53 constituencies.

During hearing in the Flagship investment reference, Nawaz Sharif recorded his statement before Judge Accountability Court Arshad Malik. He refused to present his defence stating the prosecution has failed to prove charges against him. Therefore, Nawaz said he does not feel it necessary to present his defence in the reference.

The former premier said that he is the son of this soil and every part of this country is dear to him. He said that he is proud to have served the country as premier thrice. He also thanked the people of Pakistan for reposing confidence in him.

Nawaz said his family and family business was targeted by his political opponents. He said all the allegations levelled against him are political in nature and he has nothing to do with his family businesses. It was responsibility of the prosecution to prove that he has any commanding authority in foreign businesses of Sharif family. He said it was the responsibility of the prosecution to prove that ownership documents of the property were found out from his possession.

Nawaz stated that it is satisfactory for him that NAB even after investigating three generations of Sharif family did not find out a single evidence of corruption.

Nawaz informed the Accountability Court that in 1972, thousands of workers were employed in Ittefaq Foundry and he could present all this record but Pervez Musharraf in 1999 took over and confiscated all the record of Ittefaq Foundry.

He said all this industry of Sharif family was established when he was not even in politics. In 1972, Sharif family was competing with TATA Group of India in industry at that time.

Nawaz also informed the Accountability Court that he wanted to present some documents in the court and therefore he had filed a plea with UK authorities to get historical copies. After receiving all this record from UK, copies would be submitted in the court.

On the other hand, Khawaja Harris, the Defence Counsel of Nawaz Sharif continued his cross-questioning on the third day in the Al-Azizia Reference stating that NAB was not serious in summoning Nawaz Sharif.

He also added that after stance of Qatari Prince Hammad bin Jassam, it was not right to say Qatari letters were fantasy. Khawaja Harris will continue conclusive arguments today (Friday) as well.