islamabad - Hi Tide Events are all set to organize a ‘Qawali Night’ here on Friday to enthrall the audience with enthusiastic Qawalis by Sultan Ul Qadria.

According to the organizer, Sultan Ul Qadria would entertain the audience with stunning musical performances.” Adding that the event is aimed at promoting the virtues of peace, harmony and love, and it will turn out to be a marvelous evening of traditional music, developed many centuries ago by the Sufi saints. Sufi music and Sufi art and all the activities related to it have a great potential to promote peace, harmony, love, affection and tolerance.

Music is the only thing which has such a binding force to unite and capable to transcend all the barriers of caste, class, creed and religion, he said. Qawali is a devotional form of music that dates back to 13th century spreading the themes of peace, love, harmony and compassion, he added.