WASHINGTON  -   The United Nations General Assembly must vote in favor of a US-backed resolution condemning Hamas so it does not lose credibility, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said in a Twitter post on Thursday.

“The UN has a chance to condemn Hamas for the first time. If the UN fails to do so, its lack of credibility will speak for itself,” Haley said.

The General Assembly is expected to vote on the resolution, which was authored by the United States and condemns Hamas for its terrorist activities, later in the day. The world body will also consider a second resolution put forth by the Palestinian Authority to condemn Israeli settlements. Both resolutions are expected to pass.

Haley stressed that UN member countries face a simple question: do they back terrorism or not. She has consistently denounced Hamas, in keeping with President Donald Trump’s view in Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Thursday’s vote is expected to be the last US-backed resolution in which Haley is involved, as she has announced plans to resign from her post by the end of the year.