RAWALPINDI        -        Chairman National Accountability Bureau Justice (ret) Javed Iqbal Friday urged the youth to join hands with the NAB for corruption free Pakistan.

Addressing a seminar in Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) titled ‘Role of Youth in Eradication of Corruption in Pakistan’, he said the corruption existed throughout the world in different forms but in Pakistan it had become a cancer which was spreading with every passing day.

He said the bureau had recovered looted money of Rs 300 billion since its establishment.

The NAB chairman said the corruption had socially and economically put us at the verge of disparity and now NAB had to bring it down.

He encouraged the students to build their trust in NAB as it was working for securing their future.

“The only way to remove corruption from its roots is to hold ourselves accountable at individual level.”

He emphasised that corruption was a menace and it must be eradicated from the society.

Regarding the step of creating ‘Character Building Societies’ at university level, he said: “We proposed this idea because we are fully aware that only youth possess the power to change anything.”

He advised them to keep their personal interests in accordance with national interests adding that the country was currently having financial troubles but the future was bright for the new generation.

Iqbal said the state of Madinah is not only the job of government but we all will have to play our role.

“Realisation of state of Madinah is not impossible. We will have to change ourselves for State of Madinah first of all. State of Madinah is not only the job of government but we all will have to play our role.”

The NAB chairman said corrupt elements have destroyed the image of the country, adding that the bureau has performed its role in informing the people about the causes of corruption.

He stressed that the self-accountability will wipe out the menace of corruption, he added.

Justice Iqbal said the NAB has not joined hands with anyone and it has to face difficulties for the supremacy of law.

“Our loyalty is only with Pakistan. I promoted merit by eliminating culture of favoritism. We want to promote constructive role in the country.”

He said if holding corrupt persons accountable was a crime then they will continue to commit this crime.

He said the bureau is carrying out its action without any discrimination and those who looted the natural exchequer will be made accountable.

He also dispelled the impression that the accountability bureau was incapable of investigating the while collar crimes.