Cyber security is one of the most fundamental security paradigms in today’s modern warfare era. Countries should protect their own information assets, because in today’s warfare everyone’s rivalry tries and seeks to target their information system. This is an advanced strategy of states to overthrow their adversary by creating new cyber threats such as APTS. APTS are known as advanced president threats, which are highly complex threats and very difficult to counter. Cyber security is a part of information security, and can be defined as the protection of information assets by addressing threats to information process, stored and transported by internetworked information system. Cyber security usually refers to an entity initiating threats due to the existence of a global cyberspace (i.e internet). Cyber security requires stakeholders in the cyberspace area to be active in security, beyond the protection of their own assets. In the old era, simple encryption techniques such as caesar ciphers were created to ensure confidentiality. But as time and technology move forward, the demands of security have increased. Today, to protect information, three indispensable components are concerned with the protection of information such as confidentiality, integrity and availability. Confidentiality means protection of information from unauthorised access, while integrity means protection of information from unauthorised modification and availability means protection of information from disruptions in access.