LAHORE             -         Hamna Amjad, a teenager amongst many experienced lady competitors, revealed her golfing abilities once again during the first round of the three rounds 3rd PGA Ladies Golf Championship in progress at the PAF Skyview Golf Course.  As explained by Chairperson of Ladies Golf Dr Asma Shami, this championship has segment A for ladies falling in handicap range zero to 13, segment B for ladies falling in handicap range 14 to 24 and segment C for ladies playing in the handicap range 25 to 36. She added that there is a match for junior girls and also an event for inter association team match.  The first round was exclusively for the A category competitors as they compete over three rounds while other aspirants compete over two rounds. And at the end of the first round, Hamna looks superb and in full command, the other proficient ones did play steady golf but ended up way behind Hamna, who had a round of gross 82.  Another talented one Suneya Osama was placed at a score of gross 88 and at gross 89 is Ana James Gill. Former champion Tahira Nazir could manage a score of gross 91 but looks determined to improve during the remaining two rounds. A total of 34 competing ladies will enter the contest today (Saturday) and will compete over 36 holes. The playing list includes Bilquis Manghi from Karachi besides 12 from Wah, Rawalpindi and Abbottabad and others belong to Lahore.