LOS ANGELES-Julianne Hough has praised Gabrielle Union for ‘’speaking her truth’’ about ‘America’s Got Talent’.

Both the former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ professional and the 47-year-old actress have been booted from the judging panel of the show after just one season, and earlier this week, the ‘Bring It On’ star met with NBC representatives to discuss her concerns, following reports of a toxic culture on set and issues of racial insensitivity.

Julianne has maintained she had a ‘’wonderful time’’ on the show but she is ‘’excited’’ about the meeting that took place and hopeful it can instigate change.

Although she didn’t respond directly when asked about her own ‘AGT’ experience on ‘Today’, she said: ‘’When I see that comment there, that excites me so much because that is what we need to start conversations and I just commend Gabrielle for speaking her truth and starting a conversation.

‘’I’m really proud of NBC, as well, for also showing up and starting a narrative and that’s what’s going to change the workplace and the paradigm that we’ve been working in for many, many years and it’s shifting and I think that’s really exciting.

‘’Life is crazy and sometimes you can’t control things, and when obstacles come your way you have to be graceful about it and have integrity. I think that people with authenticity and integrity will create change.’’

And the 31-year-old star isn’t surprised the story has attracted so much attention.

She said: ‘’I think that this is a big conversation and I think people really want to be a leader of change, and I think that people are supporting it.’’ Julianne hasn’t yet spoken to Gabrielle since they were dropped from the show but she’s hoping to connect with her soon.