In Pakistan every 30 percent Labours are working out of their country Pakistan. Because, in Pakistan there is no any work for them. Mostly Pakistanis people are unimploment and they are going on other countries.

There are many labours, they are working in UAE. And also there, they are facing problems and they are not save there. In UAE they are getting 1,000 Dirham in per month. One Dirham is 42.19 rupees of Pakistani rupees. These rupees are nothing for them because now in Pakistan inflation is very high.

They expend there 700 Dirham in per month, and only 300 Dirham will remain for their family. In complete month how their homes can run with 300 Dirham? And Pakistan to UAE, one ticket price is 53,120 rupees. Through this they are facing many problems on others countries. Therefore, it is my request to PM of Pakistan should do something for them.


Kech Hirronk.