ISLAMABAD        -       The PTI government in yesterday’s national assembly session failed to run the proceedings of the house due to lack of required strength.

The house, without disposing of a single agenda item, adjourned during the first half an hour of its start.

The opposition, with the outset of proceedings, made an attempt to take the floor but the chair did not entertain the opposition lawmakers and preferred to start the Question-Hour session.

PML-N’s senior MNA Barjees Tahir, without taking the floor, repeatedly requested the chair to give him floor to talk about an important matter. In protest, the lawmakers from opposition left the house.

The opposition members wanted to register their protest against the non-issuance of production orders of PML-N MNA Rana Sana Ullah.

They also demanded that former railways minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq and former law minister Rana Sanaullah be allowed to attend the sessions.

BNP (Mengal) lawmakers also supported the opposition and left the house in protest. BNP-Mengal other day [Thursday] registering their protest for not implementing the six-point demands walked out from the house.

PML-N MNA Hamid Hameed, who was the only MNA in the house, rushed to point out lack of required quorum. The chair suspended the house for twenty minutes till the completion of the quorum.

Government lawmakers mainly PTI’s chief whip Amir Dogar and State Minister of Parliamentary Affairs were seen much active to complete the required strength (86 MNAs) to run the house but not more than 50 MNAs were present in recounting.

The government has to win the support of opposition in near future for important legislation regarding extension to the term of the country’s army head.