TOBA TEK SINGH       -         Toba Tek Singh district had achieved third position in wheat crop all over province by getting 36 maunds (40kg) per acre yield and it is expected that during the upcoming wheat season, the district will achieve 38.6 maunds per acre yield.

This was claimed by agriculture department deputy director Mian Nisar Ahmad Mahmood while addressing a gathering of farmers here the other day. He said that during last year, wheat was sown over 399,000 acres of land. However in the current year, target has slightly been reduced and it will be sown over 397,000 acres of land. He said that actually his department had focused attention on convince the growers to sow edible oil crops so that country could get rid of huge expenditures incurred on import of edible oil. He stated that although wheat will be sown over 2,000 acres less than previous year but agriculture department’s field staff will make sure by giving advice of modern techniques to get increase of per acre yield. So far wheat had been sown on 258,551 acres and more than 5000 seed bags had been supplied to the cultivators at subsidised rate of Rs1,200 per bag than the actual price, he also said.