ISLAMABAD   -   National film Archive of Pakistan, National Council of the Arts (PNCA) has planned to contribute film prints for the promotion and development of films in Pakistan. According to an official of PNCA, the council has taken various measures for promotion and education of film.  He said PNCA has started making arrangements for acquiring feature films for its film archives. He said Pakistan has made close to 6000 plus feature films since 1948, adding that the earlier films made on Nitrate Material from the late forties and early fifties have been lost forever.

He said this apart, many other films were now also not available and this was a loss of our film culture and rich heritage.

“In setting up a film archive, we need support to make films available,” he added. 

This needs long-term planning and cooperation from the entire film fraternity individual collectors, film producers, distributors, exhibitors and those who have contributed in any capacity, he stated.

He said films acquired from respective quarters would only be used for occasional free screening for education, training and reference purposes.

He said it might not be possible for PNCA, at this time, to preserve and maintain 35 mm prints however, digital format is here, a good quality films on VHS, BETA,DVD, DCP are good options for PNCA to convert and save our past film treasure and heritage for the generation to come.

Films posters, press books and photographs (mostly exhibited in cinemas during theatrical release) and scripts, film lyrics in print are equally important for the archives.

PNCA has called all interested individual collectors and organisations to join in this campaign and become a part of the film archives in saving our glorious and worthy film past, he stated.

He said Pakistan was the custodian of 10,000 years old legacy of art and culture and possesses tangible and intangible cultural treasures in abundance to show the world and preserve for the generations to come.

Throughout the history, film has been a powerful force in Pakistani culture and national life, often shaping our very notion of contemporary events. Our challenge now was to appreciate its fullness and diversity and to protect our rich heritage for the study and enjoyment of future generations, he added.

He said PNCA successfully started a first ever one year online certificate course of film production in Pakistan. Film experts from USA, Germany and Pakistan were teaching Pakistani students the art of film production.                                           

It is to reiterate that PNCA and Pakistan Film Producers Association are working together to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the promotion of film in Pakistan, he stated.