ISLAMABAD " If the way the Senate elections are handled by the major political parties is anything to go by, then it would appear that all expectations of a showdown between the PPP and PML-N are unfounded. According to credible sources central to the process, the PPP, PML(N) and the PML(Q) are set to cooperate in the Senate elections, which are set to be held on the 4th of March. The upper house gives an equal measure of representation to the provinces. Since the Senators are elected by the members of the different provincial assemblies, which are of different numbers, the electoral math does not necessarily involve "clean" whole numbers but fractions. This has proven to be a breeding ground for deals between different political parties. A deal between these parties is set to benefit the PML(N) most. As opposed to the PPP, the PML(N), despite its rather large turnout in the National Assembly, is all but limited to the Punjab. It has a smattering of legislators in the Frontier Assembly and next to nothing in the other two provinces. It remains to be seen how the PML(Q), which also has a more expansive spread than the PML(N) across the provinces, is going to be adjusted in the Senate arrangements. The understanding in the Senate elections comes at a time when there are expectations of a showdown between the former coalition members, specially in the context of a rudimentary yet resurging lawyers' movement. Whereas the statements coming from the two sides show no signs of any appeasement, the status quo, with the PPP at the federal level and the PML(N) at the Punjab, is going to remain.