ISLAMABAD (APP) The auto workshops in different parts of the capital are creating huge problems for the residents, motorists and pedestrians of the areas. Such workshops can be found in the residential areas of Sectors I-9, G-7 and Karachi Company. The establishment of auto workshops in the residential areas is not only a gross violation of CDA laws but they are also creating huge nuisance for the locals. The CDA has clear cut rules that it is illegal to establish commercial centre in a residential area but due to the mushroom growth of such workshops it is hard to differentiate between a residential and commercial area. These auto workshops in the residential areas are creating huge problems for the residents as they are highly disturbed by the noise. The encroachment by the owners of these auto workshops is causing traffic jam due to which these areas are presenting a pathetic look. There is a dire need to formulate a comprehensive strategy to solve this problem in an amicable way and to ensure the smooth implementation of such policy will be the next step. Meanwhile, shortage of civic facilities at the busy bus stops of the twin cities especially garbage heaps presents an ugly and mismanaged look of the federal capital. Passengers in large number travel through these bus stops daily but lack of dust bins at these stops force the commuters and shopkeepers to through the garbage at road side creating troubles for passengers. A number of fruit vendors earn their lively hood at these bus stop and buyers left with no option than to throw the garbage at road side due to lack of dust bins, commented Farzana at Pirwadhai bus stop. Expressing dismay, another passerby Atiq said that lack of dustbins at these crowded places is mere negligence of Capital Development Authority (CDA). He added that CDA has installed a number of dustbins at public parks and people use them but what should people do at bus stops. Sajid another passenger at Faizabad bus stop said that the skin of fruits scattered at different places could pose a serious hazard to the commuters like banana skin due to which people could be injured but no one pay heed towards it.