LOWER DIR (Agencies) - Senior NWFP Minister Bashir Bilour has confirmed the presence of Blackwater in the province and has said that the company is here to provide security to US firms and other non-government organisations, reported a private TV channel. However, later he retracted from his stance saying that some Balckwater-type US security contractor is in NWFP for the protection of some buildings there. Earlier, talking to media men here on Saturday, the NWFP minister had said that Blackwater was present in the province. He said that law and order situation in the country is poor and the security arrangements are not satisfactory, therefore, foreign companies that are doing work in the province have hired foreign guards who are working in their limits. He said that they have always opposed US drone attacks in the country and America should not interfere in the internal affairs of Pakistan. Bilour said that promises made by the Federal Government and international community for the reconstruction of the violence-hit areas have not been fulfilled. On 3rd February, at least 10 persons including three US soldiers and three personnel of the security forces were killed in Lower Dir remote-controlled bomb blast claimed by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. The Taliban alleged that the dead Americans belonged to US security company Blackwater, which has earned global notoriety over its activities in Iraq. The Americans killed were members of the Blackwater group. We know they are responsible for bomb blasts in Peshawar and other Pakistani cities, TTP said.