Some of our cricketers seem to be doing nothing but bringing a bad name to the country and themselves. A few years ago, Rashid Latif, the wicket keeper during a Test match with the Bangladeshi team, picked up a ball from ground and successfully appealed for a catch behind the wicket. The truth came out in television replays and he was duly reprimanded. Pace bowler Shoaib Akhtar, despite repeated warnings, continued to misbehave on and off the field and eventually ruined his own career. Pace bowler Muhammad Asif has been found guilty of taking banned drugs more than once and was duly fined and reprimanded. Now the 'Boom-Boom Afridi, a very popular cricketer both at home and abroad, has bitten more than he could chewquite literally. Afridi, one might recall, had once he tried to 'misbehave with an airhostess during a flight, then willfully damaged the wicket of a Test ground during the break and even threatened to hit one of the spectators with his bat. On this occasion, while leading Pakistani team in the last ODI in Australia, he was shown on TV tampering with the ball in full glare of the day, and 28 TV cameras. He has apologized for the incident but has also feigned some innocence, or justification one might say, by stating that he was doing it to enhance morale of the team. How can an unethical, immoral and illegal act be construed as a way to enhance morale of the team? About four years ago, Pakistani team was accused of ball-tampering in a Test match that was being played against the English team in England. The ball-tampering was never proven but during the argument over it, England was awarded the Test match that Pakistan was likely to win. It is about time that PCB takes a serious note of the unprofessional behaviour of our cricketers. No one is indispensable when it comes to our national honour. -ANWAR KHALIL SHEIKH, Lahore, February 3.