ISLAMABAD - The Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) installed in Sector I-9 is inflicting millions of rupees loss on the CDAs kitty, as the plant is though, running with full capacity yet receiving far less inflow of sewerage. The STP was established with a total cost of Rs2.27 billion. With a huge amount incurred, the plant aimed at treating the effluent coming from 25 developed sectors of the federal capital. Ironically, CDA had estimated that the STP would receive as much as 13-14 million-gallon sewerage from the developed sectors and the plant was established at 17 million-gallon capacity. However, since inauguration, the plant has never received more than 7 million gallons sewerage due to the faulty sewerage network in the city. Thus the plant is causing Rs 4-5 million per month loss to the citys treasury in terms of workers salaries, electricity bills and other expenditures. An official of the CDA informed that more than 150 workers have been hired to look after the plant while the electricity bills amount to 3 million per month, not to mention other miscellaneous expenditures. The expenditures on the plant are according to treatment of 17 million gallon sewerage but in fact, it receives only 7 million gallon sewerge. The source further informed that due to leakage of the sewerage lines, mud and sand etc mixed with the sewerage due to which it could not be treated up to the mark as well as the manure made of the sewerage was also substandard. It is worth-mentioning here that TheNation had already published a story a couple of days prior to the inauguration of the STP by Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani in February 2008 that the CDA had wasted billion of rupees on the plant and that it would never receive the quantum of effluent as per its capacity.