Karachi is once again in the grip of violence in which more than 40 innocent persons have lost their lives in target killings that took place in the last five days. All major parties of the city i.e. MQM, PPP, and ANP have been blaming one another for these gory incidents and because of such accusations and counter accusations, an environment of confrontation mars the entire polity. Because of this confrontation amongst the coalition partners, there is every possibility that the city may simmer into greater violence. Peace in Karachi is of vital importance to us all. The parties such as MQM, PPP and ANP must work together for the people of Sindh by working out a compromise formula to run their coalition in a peaceful manner. MQM being the largest party of the city, must show restraint and maturity by avoiding proclamations that the cities of Karachi and Hyderabad 'belong to them alone and they are the real heirs to the throne of the generation that built these cities. These cities belong to all Pakistanis who are living there for earning their livelihood. -ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, February 4.