DITA Von Teese once spent $70,000 on a dress. The burlesque dancer admits she gets carried away when it comes to buying clothes for her shows but says they are worth it as they look so stunning. I know how to spend extravagantly - I think nothing of spending $8,000 on a corset for my show, she said. My accountant once said he couldnt understand how I spent $70,000 on a single dress, but then he came to my show and saw how lavish it was and told me afterward that now he understood. Although she can be reckless with her cash when it comes to stage outfits, Dita, 37, is a lot more savvy with her credit cards as she has experienced debt before and always ensures she stays in control of her spending. I learned when I was 18 about not ruining your credit rating spending on cards, she said. When I first had credit cards I let a large balance accrue. It took me a long time to shake off the debt and for a while I had a very low credit score and cou-ldnt get a car loan. Now I really value my spotless record I pay my balances off every month and that means I can buy whatever I want. And I dont focus on what my card limits are - I have girlfriends who see they have a $10,000 limit and max it out as if its their natural born right. SS