The NRO was an illegitimate outcome of the Musharraf/Bush unholy alliance so the Supreme Court of Pakistan quashed it outright. Now whether the President has immunity or has partial immunity is a question that needs a verdict from the SC. Why are we, then, making it such an issue in our press and electronic media? And why is Mr Asif Ali Zardari being projected by his not-so-able lieutenants as a 'symbol of democracy in Pakistan? Had BB not been murdered, Mr Zardari would probably have been in jail or in Dubai, rearing kids or horses, or both. We all know that there are now about a dozen federal ministers who would have to face charges in their impending cases after the SC judgment. If they resign and clear themselves of these accusations, all heavens would not fall? Why defend their continuation so vigorously and in such complete disregard for law and morality? -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, February 1.