LAHORE - Global survey reports mostly depict gloomy picture of Pakistan and create a sense of anxiety in the minds of people predicting bleak future of the country. Thus media should filter and analyse such surveys before publishing or telecasting keeping in view national interests of the country. Most of the newspapers and TV channels present the surveys in the style including captions and headlines suggested by global survey companies. This harms national interests of the nuclear power, which is being destabilised by the super powers and propaganda of multinational companies. These views were expressed by speakers at a seminar on Media and global survey perception about Pakistan held here on Saturday at Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan. Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanauallh, Gallup Pakistan Chairman Dr Ijaz Shafi Gilani, former federal minister SM Zafar, Nawa-I-Waqt Chief Reporter Salman Ghani, private TV channels Anchor Mubassar Luqman and political analyst Ashraf Sharif spoke on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion, Salman Ghani said multinational companies and superpowers depict bleak picture of Pakistan only to keep their hegemony in the region. Salman said, Foreign survey companies choose the topics, which may show Pakistan as a failed state and the superpowers impose their thoughts on people of Pakistan. Such survey reports disturb public opinion. He said it was responsibility of the media to filter the survey reports, which are against national interest of Pakistan. Mubassar Luqman criticised Gallop Pakistan saying it had no infrastructure for conducting authentic surveys and it survey reports were prepared on the tables in small offices at unknown places. He said the government should make some regulations for survey companies in the country. Luqman said the present survey reports (including Gallop Pakistan) are representative surveys. Gallup Chairman Dr Ijaz Shafi Gilani negated the allegations and asserted that Gallop Pakistan includes 3,000 representative men and women from across the country and same is done in international surveys. He said international survey reports are also based on opinion of 2,500 to 3,000 people from all parts of the country to deduct representative ratio of the total population of any country. Law Minister Rana Sanauallh said no department, public or private, was perfect in Pakistan and Gallop Pakistan was no exception. He, however, appreciated the survey reports of Gallop Pakistan. He said surveys are a reality of the modern world and we should set more survey companies like Gallop. He said surveys help develop public opinion on political or social issues. SM Zafar, who presided over the seminar, concluded the debate saying most of surveys about elections or popularity of a political leadership prove true in the end. About the global or local survey reports, he said media should take survey reports like a news item and it should be read and filtered or checked before publishing.