For the last sixty-four years, this unfortunate Titanic, with different captains at the helm, has been buffeted from one shore to another, searching for a land in which they can live in peace and dignity. Each captain has always promised them the usual 'roti - kapra - makan mirage, but after reaching the island, they find that the island had been ransacked. And so, the mighty ship embarks on another perilous journey, hoping to reach the Promised Land, but always end up, getting nowhere. In the last six months, there has been a barrage of news reports in our print and electronic media, with heated debates and articles on another change of captain and the future of AZ, now that the protective shield of the NRO has been removed. Even his eligibility to be President is being challenged and if this is upheld, then his departure, come the Ides of March, could become a possibility. However, some political pundits are of the opinion that all this is just an illusion, in all this confusion and AZ cannot be removed unless he is impeached, which seems very unlikely. But all this badgering and the 'Get Zardari media trial is making our leaders jittery and the ghosts of past skeletons of omission and commission are being dragged out from their sordid cupboards to haunt them and they see a conspirator and a Brutus behind every tombstone. They are even afraid of the power of the pen and see it as a conspiracy against them. No doubt, the pen is a powerful tool and has shaken many a brave heart, but it has never caused cardiac arrest or paralysis, unless of course the person has a history of a heart disease or is paranoid. Whether our political leaders suffer from such a problem, is for the medical profession to decide, but AZ certainly has a chequered medical history, which had kept him in and out of jails and hospitals for almost eleven years, so all this pressure must be taking its toll. The leaders feel that there is an unholy pact between the three Axis of Evil, the media, the judiciary and the military and together they are trying to destabilise the government and get AZ, as they all have an axe to grind. The past track record of our various spook agencies and the 'confessions of their handlers, confirm that they were directly involved in cloak and dagger activities and to destabilise past governments and target political leaders. Even now, they seem to be nudging the two pillars of government onto a collision course. Whether history repeats itself, only time will tell, but according to political pundits, the clash of the Titans is inevitable. The Editorial in last weeks Friday Times, states that a conflict between the Supreme Court and the Zardari government is gathering momentum and a make or break showdown is round the corner, unless one of them says 'Uncle and steps back. If not, then the chances are that AZ will have to pack his bags like Musharraf and move out of his Presidential Palace and into a bunker, which would complicate matters further. However, the government has no one to blame, but itself. This end game scenario has been reached because the government failed to deliver on the promises it had made to the nation and the opposition during and after the elections, as such, it has lost its credibility. This lack of respect for the rule of law, honesty, ethical and moral behaviour seems to be a dying practice in our land of the Pak and the Pure and is being replaced by the law of the jungle throughout our system of governance, civil society and even sports. In the last test match between Pakistan and Australia, Shahid Afridi, our much heralded cricket hero, was seen cheating and tampering with the ball, chewing it with his bare teeth like an ape. And his justification for such immoral behaviour? Because he was captain of the team and was desperate for a win. Such is the warped and twisted mindset of our role model citizens, who are supposed to set an example of fair play and moral behaviour, instead of disgracing the nation on the world stage. Mr. Boom-Boom Afridi should be booted out of Pakistan cricket and stripped of all laurels. His appearance on advertisements should be cancelled and his picture should be removed from our Crickets Hall of Fame and placed in the Hall of Shame, as he has humiliated the nation. An example must be set, so that our youth and sportsmen understand that immoral behaviour is not acceptable and cheating and crime does not pay. Unfortunately, even our leaders, politicians and citizens are guilty of such unethical behaviour. Therefore, it is difficult for them to take the high moral ground. As such, only the judiciary, the electronic media and civil society, can collectively demand a code of conduct and ethics in government and society. Where will we go from here, is unclear, but as in the past, it seems nowhere and there is a real danger of the return of the killing fields and dead bodies in gunny bags. A revisit to the tragic past at this time of political turmoil and uncertainty would be disastrous and trigger off violence that would be difficult to control. The recent two blasts in Karachi once have again exposed the failure of our LEAs to stop the carnage and protect the lives of innocent citizens. Our Keystone Bomb Disposal agency has admitted that its equipment is inefficient and outdated and can not detect any hidden or concealed bombs. A third bomb, which was placed in a computer monitor on a bench for all to see, was not detected even by their sniffer dogs and was discovered just by chance, after the machine was found to be extra heavy. Such is the efficiency of our LEAs. Once again, the writings of Khalil Gibran and his Pity the Nation, comes to mind: 'Pity the nation whose people are sheep and whose shepherds mislead them - Pity the Nation that raises not its voice, save when it walks in a funeral - Pity the nation divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation. (Email: