LAHORE - Issue of Indias involvement in Balochistan will be raised in the upcoming talks between Pakistan and India, said Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, Minister for Kashmir Affairs. Addressing a media conference along with Munir Ahmed Khan, chairman PPPs foreign affairs committee at his residence on Saturday he said issue of Kashmir would be resolved according to the aspirations of Kashmiris and the government would not carry forward the formula of Pervez Musharraf on Kashmir. He said that Kashmiris would also be included for the settlement of the Kashmir issue. The real contest in next general elections would be between PPP and PML-N and that is why PML-N was criticising the policies of PPP-led government, he maintained. Wattoo said criticism on government policies was the democratic right of the PML-N, as the PPP and PML-N had different manifestos. The minister said that the government was considering different formulae to solve the Kashmir issue, as peace in the region and strong ties with India could not be achieved without the settlement of Kashmir problem. Wattoo said that Kashmir issue could be resolved by implementing United Nations resolutions and India should stop human rights violations in the Held Valley and pull out his forces immediately. He said President Asif Zardari could only be removed through impeachment by the Parliament. The minister said that some people by criticising the President were jeopardising the future of democracy despite the fact that worst democracy was better than dictatorship. He said there was a complete consensus among all the political forces on issues relating to national interest. Wattoo said Prime Minister was allocating funds to all members of the Parliament on equal basis. Condemning the terror incidents in Karachi, he said that government was making foolproof plan to avoid any such incidents in future.