CAIRO (AFP/Reuters) - Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas said on Saturday that his secular Fatah movement would meet Hamas only after the faction signs an Egypt-sponsored reconciliation deal. When Hamas signs the reconciliation, there will immediately be a meeting with (Hamas leader) Khaled Meshaal, between Fatah and Hamas, and between all the factions to apply what is contained in the Egyptian document, Abbas told reporters after meeting Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo. There is nothing to add or amend to the Egyptian document, he said, referring to modifications requested by Hamas. In an interview with Egyptian editors, Abbas said he supported the building of the controversial barrier, which seeks to stem smuggling through a network of underground tunnels linking Egypt to Gaza. The steel wall does not seek to starve the Palestinian people... the tunnels are used to smuggle whisky, drugs and Mercedes cars, Abbas said in the interview published in the daily Al-Ahram. The Palestinian President said he had asked the US to clarify its offer to mediate indirect peace talks with Israel before he would announce any decision to resume the negotiations. Yesterday I met with an American delegation and we held an Egyptian, Jordanian and Palestinian trilateral meeting, Abbas said. We asked the Americans some questions and they will come back to us ... then we will announce our position, he said. An Israeli cabinet minister, echoing comments made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said this week that Israel and the Palestinians would begin proximity talks, with a US mediator shuttling between negotiating teams, to restart negotiations that broke down at the start of a war in Gaza in December 2008. Abbas said in Cairo there was no connection between resuming talks with Israel and reconciling the internal Palestinian divide. Everything is moving on and we do not prefer one issue over another, he said.