GAZA CITY (AFP/Reuters) - Hamas wants what it calls Zionist war criminals brought before the International Criminal Court over last years Israeli assault on Gaza, an official of the group said on Saturday. We ask the United Nations to transfer the matter to the ICC so that the Zionist war criminals can be brought to justice, said Mohammed Faraj al-Ghul, Justice Minister in the Hamas Administration of the Gaza Strip. However, he also said he expected that the US would block any such move. We expect that the American Administration will intervene to block these criminals being judged, Ghul said. Some 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed during the Israeli assault on Gaza. A UN Human Rights Council report by the respected former international prosecutor Richard Goldstone accused both Israel and Palestinian groups of committing war crimes during the devastating 22-day conflict. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounced Hamas on Saturday for expressing regret over the deaths of Israeli civilians during the Gaza war a year ago. He said that he was stunned at the remark in a report to the UN this week and said Hamas should apologise rather to fellow Palestinians for deaths and injury caused when Hamas routed Fatah forces to seize control in Gaza in 2007. In a statement from the Israeli-occupied West Bank, where Fatah still holds sway, spokesman Ahmed Assaf urged Hamas to apologise first to the Palestinian people for its bloody coup which has ... caused the worst damage to the Palestinian cause. He also said that Hamas statement, issued to deflect UN accusations that its forces committed war crimes by firing rockets from Gaza at nearby Israeli towns, had been an admission that such rocket-fire had not helped ordinary Palestinians. Hamas, which unlike Fatah has rejected peace negotiations with Israel, said in the report obtained by Reuters on Friday that it did not target civilians but that it simply lacked technology to aim more accurately at Israeli military targets. Mohammed-Faraj al-Ghoul, Justice Minister in the Hamas-led government in the Gaza Strip and the Chairman of the Committee which drafted the report, said on Saturday: Some words or phrases were taken out of context. The report held the (Israeli) occupation fully responsible and it did not include apologies.