TEHRAN (AFP) - Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi opened two new missile production plants on Saturday, just three days after Iran fired a rocket carrying live animals into space, state television reported. The plants will produce a ground-to-air missile dubbed the Qaem (Rising) and a surface-to-surface missile dubbed Toofan 5 (Storm), the broadcaster said. The Qaem is designed to target helicopters at low and medium altitudes, it added. Toofan 5 is one of the most advanced missiles. It has two warheads which can destroy tanks and other armoured vehicles, Vahidi was quoted as saying by Fars news agency. He said the Qaem was a missile which can destroy targets in the air travelling at low speed and at low altitude, especially assault helicopters. Iran unveiled the new plants as part of its celebrations for the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution later this month. On Wednesday, it launched a capsule carrying turtles, rats and worms aboard a Kavoshgar 3 (Explorer) rocket in its first experiment in sending living creatures into space. On Friday Irans Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said a final deal on sending some Iranian uranium abroad for enrichment is close. With regard to discussions with the different parties, I personally believe that we have created conducive ground for such an exchange in the not very distant future, Mottaki said at the Munich Security Conference. Under the present conditions that we have reached, I think that we are approaching a final agreement that can be accepted by all parties. Parliament speaker Ali Larijani lashed out at the West on Saturday for trying to dupe Iran through a nuclear fuel deal. They (Western powers) say that you (Iran) must provide fuel for the Tehran reactor the way we say, and if you dont do this we will punish you, Larijani was quoted as saying by the Mehr news agency. But they know this is a political swindle and that they are trying to ensure Irans enriched uranium is removed from the Islamic republic. Larijani and other Iranian officials have consistently criticised the deal since it was first discussed in Vienna in October between Iran, Russia, France and the United States.