ISLAMABAD While demanding formation of a judicial inquiry commission to probe into February 5 carnage, President Shia Ulema Council (SUC) Punjab Syed Abdul Jalil Naqvi has said that the incumbent government seemed helpless before 'hidden faces behind terrorist acts. Flanked by Allama Sheikh Hassan Jafri, Allama Fayyaz Hussain Mutahiri, Allama Farhat Abbas Jawadi and Syed Javed Hussain Shah, Jalil Naqvi addressing a press conference announced series of protest across Punjab. He cautioned that the protests would continue until the government brought the real culprits to justice. He said that after Ashura carnage in Karachi, Shiite Ulema had thought that the incumbent government would take sufficient initiatives for their protection during processions but the Chehlum massacre mocked the governments claims. He said that they had continuously been in contact with the government and several times they had warned and provided the government with sufficient information about possible terrorist designs and fall out of any further terrorist activity, however, the government turned a deaf ear to our proposals and adopted its own 'bogus policies regarding our protection. He said it led to the carnage during Chehlum procession. Bombing on peaceful mourners in Karachi was evident of the complete failure of security agencies and the government, and after that a sense of insecurity had prevailed in the society especially the Shiite community, he said. We are peaceful countrymen and will resist any effort to be pushed against the wall, as repeated terrorist acts are taking tall on the nerves of the masses, he added. He threatened of 'serious consequences and a civil war-like situation in the country, if the government did not succeed to unveil the real hands behind Karachi carnage. To a question, he said that seemingly there was no political motive behind the other day terrorist act. He said repeated incidents of bombing on processions proved that the internal and foreign enemies of Pakistan had continuously been trying to create gulf between two major sects of Muslims in Pakistan but all such nefarious designs would be failed. He said Sindh province government was not clearing it status regarding the recurring incidents of terrorism acts on Shias. He further said though the representatives of federal government were saying that they would unveil the real hands but after occurring of an incident they just produced 2 or 3 terrorists before the media, but they themselves (the government officials) did not know who were actually behind them.