UNITED NATIONS - Braving bitterly cold weather, a large number of Kashmiris Monday staged a rally in front of the UN building in New York to press for their right to self-determination pledged by the Security Council decades ago. All Kashmiri parties based in New York and the surrounding areas came together at the Kashmir Solidarity Day rally, and called for UN-sponsored plebiscite to resolve the long-standing dispute between India and Pakistan. The participants including Kashmiri leader Capt (r) Shaheen Butt raised vociferous slogans demanding that the UN implement its resolutions to pave the way for the freedom of Kashmiris from the Indian occupation. Self-determination our birth right, they shouted. Wrapped up in woollies, they carried placards denouncing the Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and in support of Kashmiris freedom. UN resolutions good for others, why not for Kashmir, said one placard. Other placards said: Kashmir Heaven made Hell by Indian occupation, and UN: Implement your resolutions. The demonstrators dispersed after about an hour from the place.