NEW YORK - Outraged by the unjust conviction of Dr Aafia Siddiqui on attempted murder charges, a young Pakistani man has gone on hunger strike in front of the UN building to press for her release. Muhammad Aamish, a graduate of New Yorks Queens College, began his protest on Friday, squatting in a small park named after Ralph Bunch, a former UN undersecretary-general. He sat with a Pakistans flag on his side as New York Citys temperature dipping into teens. An American jury on Wednesday found Dr Siddiqui guilty on all seven counts for allegedly shooting at US interrogators in Afghanistan in July 2008. She faces life imprisonment at her sentencing on May 6. Her lawyers have said they would appeal the courts decision. Aamish called the jurys verdict biased, and told reporters he would continue his hunger strike until Dr Siddiqui was released or an assurance was given to him that she would be set free. He said he had chosen to demonstrate in front of the United Nations to focus the attention of the international community attention to Dr Siddiquis case in an effort to secure justice for her. Asked what would be his course of action if police removed him form his spot, Aamish said he was exercising his constitutional right to stage a protest and he was doing so peacefully. I have done nothing wrong. Meanwhile, the International Justice Network (IJ Network), which represents the family of Dr Aafia Siddiqui in the United States, said that Dr Siddiqui was denied a fair trial. Today marks the close of another sad chapter in the life of our sister, Dr Aafia Siddiqui, IJ Network said in a statement. Today she was unjustly found guilty. Though she was not charged with any terrorism-related offence, Judge (Richard) Berman permitted the prosecutions witnesses to characterise our sister as a terrorist - which, based on copious evidence, she clearly is not. Todays verdict is one of many legal errors that allowed the prosecution to build a case against our sister based on hate, rather than fact. We believe that as a result, she was denied a fair trial, and todays verdict must be overturned on appeal.