KARACHI - The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has relegated the implemented Information System throughout the organization for proper information maintenance and better communication, The Nation has learnt. Sources informed The Nation that the information system did not completely finish the communication gap between the low level and top management, and in fact the communication gap between the two was not actually resolved, as there was no direct face to face communication between the two. Now taking middle and top managements communication in account, previously there was a defined process for that but since when the information system was implemented it was assumed that the communication would be done through the emailing system which never resulted in completion of communication process because the top management never responded to the employees, they said. In actual, the system is creating a communication gap among different management levels and so different management levels are working in isolation, and the communication process never completed, they added. The objectives of implementing the information system were to create a proper platform to maintain the organizational information, to reduce paper work, to decrease documentation time, to reduce approval time, to enable better means of communication among the employees and to let the top management see the whole organizations status on their terminals in order to have better control and easy management. An emailing system was embedded into the information system intending to make the communication effective among the employees, as through this e-mailing system any employee of the organization can convey his/her message to any other employee, therefore, apparently it seemed that each of the PTCL employees have a proper channel of communication to interact with each other and with the top management, they said. But the interesting thing is that as the information system is implemented successfully the organizational environment has become near to paper less, however, formal documentation is still done on hard copies, sources informed. It was learnt that the implementation of information system had a lot of benefits at its place but there were some flaws in the implementation phase of the system, and those problems are more concerned with the post implementation communication management, which has created a communication gap between different management levels. Besides, this gap has also resulted in zero check and balance of the company on its employees and the very critical example has been set by the employees who allegedly sold the long closed down offices of disbanded telegraph unit of PTCL and those are now serving as houses to many. It had been earlier reported that the offices of telegraph department located in different parts of city are now private property since the officials concerned in connivance with their superiors sold them off to private people. Such offices were found in private custody in Korangi 2 1/2 at Mohammadi Market, Area 36-D, Bismillah Market, Landhi No. 5 near Chiragh Hotel, and New Karachi near Sindhi Hotel vicinities of Karachi, the report adds. 'This ignorant attitude of an outsider administration benefited lower ranking officials of department, who have sold many offices of disbanded telegraph unit in different parts of city, said an official on condition of anonymity. He said the closed down office, which were purely PTCLs assets, had become house to many people. This has put a serious question mark over the performance of the company. According to the estate agents of these areas all such offices have worth of more than Rs 1 million each.