ISLAMABAD Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has urged the incumbent government to make all out efforts for early release of Dr Aafia Siddiqui from US incarceration urging that her trial should be carried out in the local courts if necessary. Protesters belonging to PTI Women Wing demanded this during a protest demonstration staged in front of National Press Club on Saturday. They expressed their deep concerns over the way the US jury convicted Dr Aafia Siddiqui. The protesters were chanting slogans to express their solidarity with Dr Aafia as We reject the conviction of Aafia; Release the daughter of the nation Aafia from the clutches of cruel Americans. They raised several objections to the independence of judicial system of US as according to them, how a frail girl like Aafia could attack US marines when she was already in their custody. They (PTI workers) were of the view that US registered a fake case against Aafia in order to save its skin from possible reaction of human rights organisations and the whole world when it was revealed that Aafia was subjected to brutal torture in Bigram Jail. They criticised the previous regime for handing over Aafia into the custody of FBI personnel and termed it against the sovereignty of the country and against the basic rights of Pakistani citizens to live with liberty. They also urged the government to provide full legal as well as diplomatic support to Aafia and alleged the rulers had failed to do so. The protesters stressed the government to defend the case of Aafia while utilising all its resources and reiterated that they would continue their protests till the release of Aafia. It is not a political issue but a question of nationalism and the rulers should try their best to repatriate Aafia bringing the Islamic World on board at that issue, the protestors maintained. Fozia Kasuri, Central President of PTI women wing while addressing the protesters said whether Aafia was guilty or not, the way she was kidnapped from Karachi was the sheer violation of basic human rights. She demanded of the government to take steps to repatriate Aafia and her trial should be carried out in Pakistan if necessary. If the rulers are unable to protect a fragile girl like Aafia, how they will be able to protect the lives of 170 million people of the country, she added.