This refers to the article 'Poor politics in Punjab by Azam Khalil that was carried by your publication on January 4, 2010. An attempt has been made in this piece, either deliberate or because of ignorance, of equating the conduct of the Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif with that of the Governor of the province, Salman Taseer. This is not only blatantly misleading but is contrary to the truth. The Chief Minister has not only consistently refrained from responding to statements of the Governor but has also stated categorically on numerous occasions that he would not do so. This is reflective of his sagacity and wisdom that instead of responding to uncalled for provocations, he has instead exercised patience and maturity and concentrated his energies solely on formulating and implementing his development schemes for bringing relief and benefit to people of the province. Other references made in the article to create erroneous impressions include the building of the Law Minister, Punjab Rana Sanaullah, or the road accident involving the Chief Secretarys car that resulted in the unfortunate death of a retired army colonel. In all of these matters, the Chief Minister remains firmly and irrevocably committed to the rule of law, even though it might be to the detriment of his own government officials or legislators. He is resolute to remain true to the dictates of law and ensure that equitable justice is provided to all irrespective of party or other allegiances. The stricture of law was also followed in the case of Shumaila Rana. It is law again that is being strictly pursued in case of the high-rise buildings and no deviation will be allowed irrespective of the stature and position of owners of the plazas who have violated the provisions of applicable rules and regulations. The slain maidservant Shazias case is sub-judice and there is no reason to believe that justice would not be done. -SHAHZAD AHMED, Lahore, February 6.