Major (retired) Kamran Shafi is completely ignorant of the fact that our Army is the bastion of this countrys strength, notwithstanding the role some of its generals have played in recent past. And they, mind you, did so at the behest of USA, imposing Martial Laws, derailing the political system that caused us immense harm. No sane person can justify the acts of Late General Zia-ul-Haq, Pervez Musharraf or their predecessors, Ayub Khan and Yahya Khan. These are had patches of our political history but Army under the leadership of General Kiyani is operating as it should under the civil government and has accomplished the very arduous jobs of fighting against the militants in Swat, Dir, Bajaur and Waziristan. As a former military officer, Mr Shafi should know that these were not easy tasks when US and its NATO allies completely failed in their mission. We should be patriotic enough to appreciate rather than target the Army in vilification campaigns. For some strange reason, Mr Shafis grudge against the army is so overwhelming that he compares our Army generals and the top brass with 'Nabobs (Nawabs for those who use the word in Urdu), which is as ridiculous as it is preposterous. With men like Mr Shafi, who needs enemies. How pathologically deranged is the observation that Our problem is an arrogant, sinister and secretive security establishment that looms darkly over the countrys future. He seems very fond of the Indian system of Army being controlled by the civil, though. -BRIG (Rtd) SYED RAZA ALI, Lahore, February 4.