The UK-based Association of Pakistan Lawyers (APL) has demanded withdrawal of case against Dr Aafia Siddiqui declaring the conviction unsafe and has called for a public enquiry regarding her treatment. The APL, according to its chair barrister Amjad Malik following its executive committee meeting, has despatched letters to the US leadership calling for Dr.Siddiquis immediate repatriation to Pakistan. The meeting proposed withdrawing of case against the neuroscientist by the US Government, Presidential pardon considering the state of mind and allegations of her torture and maltreatment, conviction based on fear and not on fact, her unlawful presence at Bagram airbase, her missing two children, and lastly the US Government must consider setting up a commission to adjudicate the questions of true facts surrounding Dr. Siddiquis arrest, and her whereabouts between 2003 and 2008. In response to this letter, the US Presidential correspondence team wrote: On behalf of President Obama we appreciate hearing from you. The President has promised the most transparent administration in history and we are committed to listening to and responding to you.