ISLAMABAD (APP) Sheesha smoking addiction is spreading fast among youth in capital infecting the college and university students of upper class. Sheesha, traditionally known as Hookah was considered to be an integral part of rural south Asia. One can still picture a shaded spot under a tree in rural areas of the country where three or four elderly folks sit on a traditional Charpai and take turns in inhaling tobacco from the contraption which is known as a water pipe. Sheesha smoking have been available in different places of the city and this mushroom growth of smoking dens is attracting the youngster. Youth throng the 'Sheesha smoking places spread across the city upper class restaurants, hotels and clubs to have a puff or two. Jamil a social worker claimed that once he went to a restaurant around lunch time and I saw school boys smoking sheesha. Social organizations in the city while expressing concerns at the aftereffects of Sheesha smoking said that it could cause diseases like cancer or other ailments. They alleged that as the influential people were running Sheesha houses therefore the authorities were unable to take action against them. They stressed on the awareness sessions against the hazards of Sheesha smoking and other substance abuses should be made a regular feature in all educational institutions, she said and added that surveys should be conducted to assess the extent of the problem and its prevalence in our society. Health expert told this news agency that Sheesha smoking brings the same risks as smoking cigarettes. It can lead to lung cancer and many other health problems, he said. He said that smoking can also affect your mental health, as it is linked with anxiety and depression.