Pakistans nuclear program is a source of national pride for Pakistani nation and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan is the most deserving person for this pride, who secured the future of Pakistan. It is heinous how the world has portrayed him. Nevertheless, now the nuclear experts even of US, who were earlier doubtful about the safety of Pakistans nuclear program, rate Pakistans arsenal to be one of the safest and opine that Pakistan has a credible nuclear command and control system. Pakistan unfortunately always remained surrounded by the assumptions and propagandas that its nuclear capabilities have a tendency to leak elsewhere. India which always remained a mastermind behind all these propagandas, itself has a grave account in nuclear leakages. This is another story that these incidents of Indian nuclear loopholes and leakages always remained unattractive to gain the attention of international media. The history of Indian nuclear loopholes is as old as Indian nuclear program itself. Facts and finding in this regard are really alarming. Since 1984 when the horrific incident of Bhopal shook India, till now more than 152 incidents of Uranium leakages took place and this is the number of incidents reported and registered in the police. There must be many which were not reported. Bhopal gas tragedy was the worst incident. Forty tons of a deadly toxin called methyl isocyanate leaked from a factory run by US-owned Union Carbide and settled over slums around the plant. It is said that the effects of the gas continue to this day. The world seems really frightened about Pakistan nukes that Pakistans nuclear assets can be vulnerable to Taliban, Al-Qaeda etc. But if the nuclear assets are really vulnerable to the terrorists and terrorists could really have access to nuclear possessions, then Indian nuclear assets are more vulnerable to terrorists and the world should really be worried about the Indian nuclear system. India has installed all its nuclear facilities and missiles in the Eastern zone in order to keep it utmost away from the striking capabilities of Pakistan. However, the eastern region of India has emerged as the most troubled, fragile and uncontrollable region of the country with a variety of insurgent movements including that of Naxal rebels, the group which has been declared as a terrorist group. India itself calls its region as The Red Corridor due to its instability. Indian nuclear facilities, Uranium processing plant by the name of Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL), Talcher Heavy Water Plant and Institute of Physics (IOP) is located in Nexal guerrillas dominated region of Jharkhand. While Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research(AMD), Ceramatic Fuel Fabrication Facility(CFFF), Special Materials Plant are located in Maharashtra which is the hub of Extremist Hindu militant groups where Hindutva Brotherhood, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini and Sangh Parivar like terrorist organizations are well known for their extreme anti-Pakistan policies and are fully capable of getting hold of any of the Indian nuclear facility that exists in their respective state and region. Furthermore, raw uranium from the mines is processed by the UCIL in Jadugoda, a small town located at a distance of 30 km from district headquarters Jamshedpur. This entire region is Indias only source of natural uranium to feed the countrys heavy-water nuclear reactors. How all these nuclear assets can remain safe at places influenced by terrorists? Ajit Doval, a former Director of Indias Intelligence Bureau (IB) says The Naxal rebels can easily turn their attention to illegal uranium trade for their funding. This is a real possibility. In July 1998, Indias Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) seized eight kg of nuclear material from Arun, it was reported that the uranium was stolen from an atomic research center. In 2000, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) indicated that Indian police had seized 57 pounds of uranium and arrested two men for illicit trafficking of radioactive material. There have been several reports that people got ill by coming in contact with radioactive material, moreover the accidents involving radioactive material theft, leakages and smuggling have became a routine. The grave realities doesnt ends there as in last year Indian nuclear scientist had mysteriously gone missing and was found dead in a river. Later it transpired that he was secretly helping the Nexal rebels. He was picked up by the RAW and thrown in river Kali. MAIMUNA ASHRAF, February 5.