Corruption, as most Pakistanis admit, has been steadily growing over the years. Strategies to confront corruption varies tremendously across the globe. In some countries, it is dealt with punitively when discovered. At the other end of the scale, there are places where it has so pervaded every nook and cranny of society, from the highest to the lowest, that those involved know they can act with impunity. They have the law in their hands. In some cases, they are the law. In such places, corruption becomes wholly corrosive. It destroys trust in government, in civic institutions, in the law. The consequences of that loss of trust have been seen in Tunisia and Egypt. Corruption, as almost all Pakistanis woefully believe, has been steadily growing over the years but during the past three years it has crossed all limits. People now see it as one of the greatest dangers to the countrys future. The so-called democracy has provided no answer. Most parties are infected one way or another to the extent that although people can and do vote out a party at national elections they suspect of corruption, the incoming party all too often turns out to be just as tainted as the one thrown out. It is a pity that people sitting at the top rung of the ladder are all corrupt to the core. Under the circumstances one sees no hope other than a revolution. That however, needs a leader, an honest leader who has no wealth or property abroad and whose dons are not riding big SUVs and BMWs. QURBAN ALI SHAH, Abbotabad, February 5.