The realization has come at last. Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa has admitted that the war against terrorism being fought in Afghanistan and some parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is an American war and not that of Pakistan. He went a step further asserting that we do not believe in Washingtons oft-repeated demand of 'do more. Thank you Mr Khosa. At least you have, from among the lot of rulers, picked up the guts to call a spade a spade. There is no dearth of those who had been consistent in bringing this reality home to the ruling elite that Gen Musharraf made a mistake soon after 9/11 tragedy to accept Bushs dictation in agreeing to join the 'international war on terror as an ally. There were options available but the military regime bent before the US only to get its blessings for its rule. Gen (Retd) Hameed Gul has consistently been saying that joining hands with the US and its allies was not in Pakistans national interest. It was due to this mistake that we had to offer them three air bases on the pretext of logistic support which the US Air Force has been using for aerial bombing on Afghanistan. Not only this, the CIA also used one of our facilities to fly drones which have been attacking areas in FATA and some parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, ruthlessly killing innocent civilians. Drone target-hit ratio has been recorded at 2.5 per cent which speaks volumes about the level of collateral damage in term of human lives. Similarly, leadership of Islamist outfits have been demanding an end to drone attacks. The joint session of the National Assembly and the Senate passed a consensus resolution urging the government to review it policy and prevent the US from violating Pakistans territorial integrity. Recently, the NATO helicopters conducted raids inside our territory. What our President and Prime Minister have done is to tell the Americans not to bother about any protest inside and outside the Parliament. This is the level of our leaders concern over the atrocities being committed by the allied forces. The irony is that the US still demands us to do more.