Every domestic consumer of electricity is charged Rs. 35/= per month as the PTV Fees and the commercial consumers Rs. 50/= or even more.  There are millions and millions of such electricity consumers throughout the country who are forced to pay the said fees which I am sure must be accruing billions to the PTV on this count only apart from the money it would be making from the commercials it airs. Where does all this money go? Apparently it is not reflected in the type, quality and standard of the programmes it telecasts?  In this age of satellite communications and cable networks there are at least 80 TV channels available to everyone and each one of them offers better entertainment and information than the PTV. All those TV channels are making huge profits through the cable operators and need no direct subscriptions from the viewers.  However, though the PTV is also viewed through the cable networks, for which it must be charging the cable operators, it also charges simultaneously fees from the hapless people through their electricity bills. Thus the PTV is charging twice for its programmes – once through the cable operator and second time through the electricity bills! This is an unjustified mugging of the public. Why can’t the PTV improve the quality of its programmes and earn huge profits from the commercials. And, if it can’t, I strongly suggest privatising it.


Rawalpindi, February 5.