LAHORE – The Lahore High Court on Monday came hard on Punjab School Education Department Secretary for continuously floating the court’s orders on a petition challenging the appointments of Secondary Schools Teachers (SST) at Hafizabad district.

Hafiz Muhammad Safdar and three other petitioners of the said districts submitted that they had applied for the posts of SSTs for the subject of computer science in 2011 advertised by the department. The petitioners said that they had the degrees of Masters in Science of Information Technology (Msc IT) but the department rejected their applications by raising objections that Msc IT was not equal to the degree of Masters in Computer Science (MSC).

The petitioner counsel during arguments pointed out that department had issued same advertisements in the districts of Punjab, besides Hafizabad and Mandi Bahouldin district, inviting the applications from the candidates having degrees of MCS, Msc IT and MIT. But, the applicants of the two districts were restricted to the degree of MCS only which was illegal and violation of human rights, they added. They argued that the department was dodging the court for that last one year by submitting irrelevant replies and reports. The requested to direct the department for entertaining their applications under the same policy applied on other candidate.