ISLAMABAD - Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar on Monday offered his resignation to the Upper House of the Parliament on the demand of a JUI-F Senator saying that he was ready to go away if PIA could be revived only due to his resignation.‘I don’t want to live on the salary that I get from PIA or the Ministry. If things can change only because of my resignation, I can go to home at any time’, he said after Haji Ghulam Ali of JUI-F had said that the Defence Minister should resign if he was unable to revive the cash starved national flag carrier. The Minister was concluding the debate on the over all performance of PIA on a motion moved by MQM lawmaker Syed Tahir Hussain Mashhadi. Answering the tough queries of lawmakers on the bad state of affairs of PIA, he said that national airline was facing financial loss of in-between Rs 8 to 9 billion annually.‘When PPP took over the government in 2008, PIA incurred loss of Rs 34 billion in one year only because of the devaluation of Pakistani rupee and its management was not guilty in the case’, he added. He dispelled the impression that incumbent regime had made over staffing in PIA and said that they had made replacements and no new recruitment had been made at higher level. He also made it clear that Deputy Managing Director of PIA was receiving monthly salary of 10,000 US dollars and not 30,000 US dollars who had the experience of working in a US airline for more than 29 years and deserved the salary he was receiving. He admitted that Engineering Department of PIA was overstaffed with 7,000 employees though the airline only needed 3,000 workers in that department. The Minister urged the need that PIA needed new airplanes as the new ones would decrease the fuel cost of up to 15 to 20 per cent. He urged the need that leasing out planes of the national flag carrier was the only solution to steer the airline out of the present financial crunch. Regarding the non-implementation of the recommendations of Senate Sub-committee on Defence, Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar said that his Ministry could not implement those until the approval of the Finance Ministry. Earlier, Senator Tahir Hussain Mashhadi while moving the motion said that from the last decade performance of PIA was going from bad to worse due to political interference, favouritism, nepotism, over burdened working staff and mismanagement while the airline was spending all his income in paying debts. ‘PIA had 30 to 40 years old airplanes’, he said,adding, that the government should support PIA with reasonable package to buy new planes to revive it.Professor Khurshid Ahmed of JI was of the view that PIA did not implement the recommendations of the Sub-Committee of the Senate Standing Committee on Defence to revive the airline. Senator Tariq Azeem said that PIA had 2,600 bogus employees and until and unless it would not have its professional board, it would not improve its conditions.Senator Ahmed Ali accused that the employees of PIA were involved in smuggling. Haji Adeel Ahmed blamed employees union of airline for creating hurdles in the revival of PIA and proposed that its Engineering Wing should be separated with other wings of the airline to improve its efficiency.Senators Kulsoom Parveen, Mir Wali Muhammad Badani, Najma Hameed, Abdul Nabi Bangash and Haji Ghulam Ali limited the debate to their personal complains against the alleged misbehaviour and inefficiency of PIA employees. Haji Ghulam Ali also demanded the resignations of both the Railways Minister and Defence Minister for their failure to revive Pakistan Railways and PIA respectively.