LAKKI MARWAT - A local leader of Khudai Khidmatgar Tehrik Saifullah Khan Khankhel has called upon the higher authorities of Federal Interior Ministry to put the names of ANP central and provincial leaders and rulers on the exit control list (ECL) to foil their possible attempt of fleeing from country.
Speaking at a press conference here on Wednesday, he alleged that the ANP government promoted corruption in the province besides the rulers plundered the national wealth with both hands. He said that the rulers spent billions of rupees on luxuries and did not pay heed to resolve the problems of masses.
“The tall claims of giving books and pens instead of Klashanikov to the children can be judged from the fact that the flood and militancy hit schools could not be rehabilitated despite lapse of several years”, he regretted. He told that the priorities of rulers were to accumulate wealth and shift it abroad.
He said that nepotism flourished in government departments during the last five years, therefore, the names of ANP leaders including Asfand Yar Wali Khan, Afrasayyab Khattak and Ameer Haider Khan Hoti should be put on ECL . He alleged that the government violated merit policy and blessed the near and dear ones.
He said that the National Accountability Bureau should probe the financial affairs of the provincial government, besides, it should tighten the noose around corrupt elements.
“The champions of Pakhtun rights crushed the philosophy and golden principles of late Bacha Khan under their feet just to gain vested interests”, he told, saying that the ANP leaders are responsible for the massacre of Pakhtuns and have no right to rule the province anymore.